Jogging jogging jogging…


I have started jogging recently. Yep, this is unusual as I used to hate running. With all my heart. Literally.

So why did I decide to do jogging? Well, there are several factors which contributed to my decision. Let me name just a few:

  1. I wanted to stay fit and healthy. Jogging is the cheapest sport ever. Plus, I live in a nice area with plenty of forests and fields. The green is a calming effect for my eyes…
  2. Jogging makes me happy. It feels so good after the workout. I just can’t stop smiling when I’m done 🙂
  3. Many of my friends regularly run. I’ve noticed their transformation: they became fit, happy, calm and different. Positively different. I’d love to feel the same.

These were the main reasons why I started to jog at all. But each time I run I realize that there’s more than that…

I actually made a plan. I decided to start small. I first went out for 15 min. You might think it’s not much. It was for me. I came back home tired but not exhausted. I was sweating. But I left space for this awesome feeling: “I WANT MORE“! So next time I went jogging I ran a little longer distance. And I spent 20 min out there, running, not walking. It felt great! I was tired but happy. Ready for some more. And next time I noticed that I ran a longer distance again although within the same amount of time as recently! Can’t wait to go jogging soon. Wow, it’s really addictive! 🙂

What are the other benefits of this sport?

The feeling that I’m breaking my own barriers and the walls that I have built throughout my whole life (false conviction that I hate jogging and that jogging is actually terrible). Each time I run, I overcome some obstacles inside my brain or physical obstacles which my body has to fight against. I do more and more. These small successes show me that if I can make it here, I can make it everywhere and it only depends on me.

As my dear business and life coach, Lucyna, rightly mentions in her blog post (sorry, in Polish only), coaching / self-coaching and running have a lot in common. Reaching your goals in the jogging plan can prove you that you are able to reach the goals in your private or professional life, too. And this is what I’ve realized on my own recently. That is why I put my trainers on and go out running.

What is your personal experience? Do you jog or are you planning to start? I’d love to hear your voice 🙂


4 thoughts on “Jogging jogging jogging…

  1. Well done to you Patrycja for taking up running. To me running is simply great. The list of its benefits is actually far longer but the aspects mentioned by you should convince at least some people. I’ve been running on and off for a long time, but regularly only for a year or so, and I see such a difference in myself and how I deal with the stress of everyday life. Going for a morning run before a hard day gives you an instant power boost and set your mood positively, an evening run lets you unwind after a long day. Also, when making a difficult decision some people, have to ‘sleep on it’ I prefer to ‘run on it’, helps to put things into perspective and see everything more clearly.
    Here is a link to a short article about health benefits of running:
    And here some running training programmes :
    Good luck to all new runners!

  2. Well, nothing much to add! This is what jogging is about:)

    I started jogging… yep… 4 years ago! I started quite similar as you, Patrycja. Now I run at least 3 times per week. This is my minimum and the distance is always about 10 km. Without jogging my life is dull.

    Jogging time is my time! The time for me to think about life, work, my goals – time to RESET myself. I even don’t realise when I reach 10th kilometer…

    Last year I also started joggin during winter. Believe me, snow makes jogging even more beatiful!

    FIT BODY = FIT MIND -> this works for me:)

  3. Thanks so much for those comments, Ladies 🙂

    I actually feel inspired by both of you as I am just starting my adventure with jogging 😉 But you know what’s the most important in it for me? For the first time in my life I DO want to jog and I am greedy. Each time I feel like running more and more, even though I’m tired. This is such an amazing feeling! 🙂

    I am starting small but I believe that after a while I will be better in jogging. There are so many people around me who can give me advice and who actually already support me in my endeavor. This is precious indeed.

    Kasia, I also started jogging because I had some issues to “run on them” so I totally understand you 😉

    BTW, Ania, I love your comparison FIT BODY = FIT MIND 🙂

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