Just another diary entry of my own :)

I’ve just found what I wrote one week after I had quit my job. Oh dear, it sounds so optimistic 🙂

Just look at this…

“It’s been an incredible week for me. I think I’ve never been busier indeed. Meetings, catch-ups, good readings, consultations, workshops…

I went for jogging! First time time this year. Finally.

I baked tasty muffins. With almonds and white chocolate. Yummy…

I walked around the city taking different streets than usually. Discovered various facades of the buildings I hadn’t noticed so far, new shops, new cafes. I started to see colors and hear sounds, I smiled at people. Before I had been smiling too, and they had been smiling back at me but this time I was more relaxed 🙂 I am relaxed…

Today I took my MacBook and went for a coffee. I’d always wanted to do that! Just sit, drink, watch people and write. Yay! My dream has finally come true! 🙂 Isn’t life beautiful?

Two days ago I won a competition on Facebook. I had to write why I would have received a ticket for a week’s trainings in the south of the country. They liked what I wrote 🙂 So yay! I’m going there tomorrow night. Can’t wait! The event is organized for 250 people. Trainings and workshops dedicated to self-development prepared by 12 fantastic trainers. There will be a lot of integration events in the evenings and we will even have a chance to ski! Imagine the atmosphere and energy! Soooo happy!

Yesterday I went for a Geek Girls Carrots meeting dedicated to women in technology where I was invited to share my story. The girls found it inspiring, some of them came to have a chat about the career as a project manager, I also received several emails afterwards. I can’t express the way I feel. I was told to have inspired many of those girls to own their destiny, to start doing things they really love, to stop being afraid to change something in their lives, to just go and make it happen.
I was inspired, too. I met wonderful ladies, strong and full of energy. I feel blessed to meet great people on my way. This isn’t a coincidence. I should be going to such meetings more often, I feel so energized :)”

So yeah, it’s been pretty much the same optimism since then. Oh, one thing has changed: the fact that I’ve been winning various things… It’s quite amusing. I hope it stays this way for longer! 🙂


Below a small treat from me. My favorite pep talk 🙂

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