Networking. And why you’re doing it wrong.

I meet a lot of people on a daily basis. Friends. Acquaintances. Potential business partners. Potential clients. People who are willing to do some interesting projects with me. People who I met somewhere on one of the networking events I attend regularly.
I meet them on the street, in supermarkets, at parties, at seminars, at trainings or workshops, while commuting or while buying my coffee at my favorite coffee shop…


Meeting people is great. Meeting new people is exciting and provides you with a lot of opportunities, both in personal and career life. But you all know that and you don’t need another truism from me 😉

Nowadays, everyone talks a lot about networking. I also mentioned about some pros of networking some time back.

Looks like everyone knows what networking is and how to do it. There are tons of pieces of advice on how to DO the networking. Which is great.

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Pastéis de Nata

Nah, you haven’t been lost. And this is not a food blog, I assure you. pasteis-inspirefulness-1
The reason I’m presenting you the recipe of this delicious pastry is the fact that I love to travel and taste good local food. What is more, it is no secret that I spent 6 months in Portugal some time ago and I feel like it’s my second home! 🙂

When visiting this wonderful country, you need to try Pastéis de nata, a Portuguese egg tart pastry. The most famous ones (referred to as Pastéis de Belém) are to be found in the famous pastry shop in Lisbon. They are indeed delicious!

So finally, last night, I decided to go ahead and bake them. I was a bit scared to spoil them as I’m not a typical Nigella Lawson in the kitchen. Believe me, if I managed to bake such a dessert, you also will! Mouth-watering. That’s the only adjective that comes to my mind when I think of what came out of the oven…

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