Are you SMARTy-pants?


What is your goal?

I mean, seriously.

If you ever wonder whether you’re going in the right direction, how will you know it? Who will be in a position to tell you if you don’t know what your goal is?

Everything is relative.

“To be successful.” “To be rich.”  “To live a happy life.”

All these will mean different things to Mark, to Antonio, to Boris, to Rita, to me, to you.

Be specific. Provide details of your goal. What is it exactly what you want to achieve? Try this experiment: tell a friend / partner / sister about your goal. Then ask them to describe how they see it. You’ll be surprised by their perspective. Both versions do not necessarily match? Be more specific. And write it down.

Now, how will you know that your goal has been met? Must something happen first? Will you feel it somehow? Do you have to obtain a certificate, a grade, a feedback? Is getting 1000 clients by the end of 2013 a measure of success for you? How will you measure that you’re successful in achieving your goal? Define it well before you start working.

Have you wondered whether your goal is achievable by you? Getting those 1000 clients globally within 1 month by Danone or Coca-Cola surely is. Is it by you, a newly created small company? Think twice before you ruin your motivation…

Are you realistic in your endeavors? Loosing 20 kg in 1 month may be an insane idea. How about you rethink and replan your assumptions? You don’t have a slight idea about what is or what is not realistic or reasonable? Ask an expert. They will likely be able to tell you and advise.

Ok, now that you have defined your specific and attainable goal, it would be great to decide by when you expect it to accomplish. Is it a short-term or a long-term goal? Do you want to achieve it by tomorrow / by the end of the week / by July 15th / by the end of 2014? Again, be specific. Provide the time frame. Note it down.

Wonderful. You have just structured your awesome goal against the good old SMART criteria. Congratulations 🙂

It is now time to make a detailed plan of actions. Not much work if you have only 1 goal. A little more work if there are plenty of the goal you wish to achieve.

Why don’t you list out all the steps you need to take for that matter?

Remember, only YOU are responsible for your achieving your goals. Nonetheless, there are people that can help you out. If you’re planning on building up your muscles and loosing 10% of fat by the end of 2013, it may be a good thing to hire a personal trainer or at least ask a friend (gym addict) to coach you a little.

Only bear in mind that YOU are responsible for your goal though.

If achieving a goal requires too many steps to take, maybe you need to sit down and redefine it. Remember that if it is not realistic, you will quickly feel demotivated and will give up on it. Perhaps smaller milestones would be a good thing to try?

Reward yourself when achieving those milestones. Nothing motivates us better than celebrating our small successes while following the road to THE goal.

Tell your friends and family about your successes, They will encourage you to keep moving. Who knows, maybe you will motivate them to improve something in their lives, too? Influencing others is an amazing feeling that gives you power to do more and better.

Once the goal achieved (or not), analyze lessons learned.

Why did you attain it (or failed)? Was it it easy (or too difficult) to achieve? Did you have enough time to meet the deadline you had earlier established? What / who was of great help to you? Did you have it written down or hang on the wall?

A short analysis of what went well / not so well will help you get to know yourself better. It will also help you understand which tools work well for you.

Share your best practices with others.

Recently, I have met a great young guy, very successfull in various business areas. He decided to share his good practices and lessons learned with others by organizing a workshop. Such a great idea! I felt inspired!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

So… what is your goal?

I mean, seriously…