Start-up? Whazzz that?

startup founders

In fact, most of us have brilliant ideas. Some of them are indeed innovative, some have the potential to change the world. We just lack the courage / time / resources to start implementing these ideas. And after a while we discover that the solution we have thought of already exists or that someone is actually working on it. How come? Damn it!

Well, it’s simple. The ideas flow. If you think you are genious because you have invented an incredible product / service / solution, bear in mind there is at least one person who is thinking about something similar. So… start doing it! But only if you feel strong enough though. Work your butt off to get it done if you think it’s worth your time, money, effort…

Don’t be afraid to talk about your idea with others. You may be surprised how useful it is to gather people’s feedback (your potential users / clients / brand ambassadors?). Most probably you’ll change your concept ten times before you start implementing the plan. And then get ready to do it far more often… No worries, it’s ok. It is even better to verify your idea no. Better sooner than later! The later you gather the feedback and comments, the worse. Why? It will cost you money. Oh, you haven’t spent a $ so far? Well, you have spent your time and time is money. Think about it. Remember that nowadays everything happens faster than 2, 5, 10 years ago. We have to be agile, flexible, responsive. 6 or 12 months of “doing nothing” may cost you. It may cost you lossing the opportunity of doing awesome things simply because someone will soon introduce the same product / service or because it will no longer be needed on the market!

So act quickly! Put a landing page in place. Collect e-mail addresses of users interested in your service. Prepare your MVP, a prototype, you will show to your potential customers. Ask them to test it and get the feedback. Improve the service or pivot the idea. Sometimes 180° changes are necessary. Once happy, launch your product (app or web service… whatever it is). If you need (additional) funding, go and seek investors / business angels. Actually, do it no sooner than your prototype is ready.

Now… Don’t build your start-up, if:

  • you haven’t done any market research and you don’t have any figures in front of your eyes – we all think our idea is bright and that it will change the world, but seriously – will you have clients? that’s what it’s all about after all, isn’t it?
  • you are not convinced that it will work – well, if you don’t believe in your own idea, how will you convince your team / clients / investors?
  • you do not feel motivated – working on a start-up means a lot of work, sleepless nights, weekends away on some start-up events, such as Startup Weekend, various barcamps, Startup Sprint etc.
  • you’re too busy with other projects – as I’ve mentioned, in the fast paced environment it is extremely important to pay attention to all the changes around you and start acting quickly, a start-up project needs your focus
  • you’re alone – unless you are rich enough to outsource the components you need, such as web or app design, graphic design, marketing strategy, project management etc. Believe me, a one-man show in this case is not going to work. Moreover, the investors will never invest in a single person. They want to see a motivated team with all the necessary skills to run a start-up and complete the project. After all, you guys will be doing it all, not the investors… Find a co-founder, if you are on your own. The other person greatly helps. Get someone you really trust though.

So why am I doing all this? Simply because I believe in my idea with all my heart and I have verified my solution to a global problem with hundreds of people from various countries. They are waiting for me to implement it now 🙂 What’s more, I’m ready to sacrifice my time and effort and work on my own enterprise (in fact, I’m already doing it). The good thing is that I’m working with my brother (IT brain) whom I trust and who supports me and tells me whenever my ideas suck. I attended a startup weekend event some time ago where it all started. Since then I’ve been gathering feedback and comments, thanks to which I have modified the concept many times. I am conscious there is A LOT to be done but I’m all excited to go ahead and make sh** real! Oh, and one more thing. I am not afraid to fail 😉

If you’re willing to help from the graphic design or marketing perspective, let me know! 🙂

Enough for now. I’m getting back to working on the landing page…